Interpretation of Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Sustainable Development of Urban Public Transport



近日,The Ministry of Transport, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the State Financial Regulatory Administration, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and a total of 9 departments and units issued the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Sustainable Development of Urban Public Transport" (2023) 144No.,Hereinafter referred to as the Opinions),In order to facilitate the relevant departments to better understand and grasp the relevant content,We will ensure the implementation of the Opinions,The relevant content is interpreted as follows:

First, the introduction of background

Urban public transportation is an important part of urban comprehensive transportation system, which has the characteristics of intensive and efficient, green and low carbon。Giving priority to the development of urban public transport is of great significance for ensuring people's basic travel, alleviating urban traffic congestion, promoting people-centered new urbanization, and achieving carbon neutrality。The Party Central Committee and The State Council attach great importance to the development of urban public transport。习近平总书记多次做出重要指示,强调“发展公共交通是现代城市发展的方向”。

In recent years, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and other factors, the public's travel habits have undergone profound changes, the passenger flow of urban public trams has declined significantly, and urban public trams enterprises are generally operating in difficulties, and the sustainable development of the industry is facing challenges。In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of urban public transport, the Ministry of Transport, together with relevant departments and units, has formulated the Opinions, clarified relevant support policies, and put forward relevant work tasks。The issuance and implementation of the "Opinions" is of great significance for further strengthening policy support for the development of urban public transport, promoting the quality and efficiency of urban public transport services, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of urban public transport, and better meeting the needs of the people for better travel。

Ii. Main contents

The Opinions put forward a total of 15 policy measures in five aspects。

1. Improving policies to support urban public transport。The first is to implement the operation subsidy compensation policy, including requiring all localities to reasonably determine the service standards of urban public trams, implement the expenditure responsibility of urban public transport as a financial authority of the city and county level, and establish and implement a cost accounting and subsidy compensation system according to local conditions。Second, we will improve the pricing mechanism,This includes requiring all localities to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for urban public transport prices,To evaluate the current price level of urban public transport and optimize and adjust it in time,Government-guided or market-regulated prices will be imposed on customized bus routes,To explore the use of long-distance public tram lines by mileage pricing。Third, we will strengthen policy support,Including requiring all localities to ensure the implementation of low electricity prices on the basis of night charging of new energy city public transport vehicles,Set part of the day to implement the trough tariff,And make good use of urban transportation development incentive funds and rural passenger subsidy funds and other policies, the use of local government special bonds and other tools to support the construction of urban public tram station charging and replacing infrastructure。The fourth is to ensure the priority of bus access, including promoting the continuous network of bus lanes and strengthening the supervision of the use of bus lanes。The fifth is to guide the public to travel reasonably, including strengthening the publicity of green travel and bus travel, encouraging all localities to formulate differentiated parking fee policies, and establishing green travel incentives and off-peak travel systems。

2. Consolidating the foundation for the development of urban public transport。First, we will strengthen planning guidance and ensure land use,This includes requiring all localities to formulate special plans for urban public transport in a scientific manner,The relevant contents related to space utilization are comprehensively implemented into the "one map" of territorial space planning for control,Overall implementation of urban public transport yard and station land needs in the territorial spatial planning and priority included in the annual land use plan。The second is to improve facility conditions, including encouraging local support for the construction and transformation of urban public transport yards and stations, vehicle procurement, strictly implementing the configuration standards of urban public tram yards and stations, and supporting the construction and improvement of new energy urban public transport vehicle charging facilities。Third, we will improve the quality and efficiency of public transport services,This includes optimizing the city's public transport network,We will promote the integration of urban public trams and urban rail transit,Encourage the development of microcirculation public transport,Support customized bus service,Optimize customized bus management processes,We will support the development of a "bus + tourism" service model,We will support efforts to expand and diversify operations around our main businesses,Encourage the upgrading of age-friendly and barrier-free mobility services,Ensure operational safety, etc。

3. Accelerating the implementation of the policy on the comprehensive development of urban public transport land。First, actively promote the comprehensive development of new land, including allowing qualified new terminals to support a certain proportion of ancillary commercial areas, and setting the right to use ground and underground space construction land according to facility functions。The second is to implement comprehensive development of existing land according to local conditions, including supporting the use of some idle facilities in the terminal to carry out social commercial services, encouraging conditional storage terminals to implement comprehensive development, and setting the right to use ground and underground space construction land by layers, allowing eligible terminals to appropriately increase the floor area ratio。Third, we will establish a mechanism for refeeding the profits from comprehensive land development。

(4) Strengthening the protection of employees' rights and interests。The first is to protect the wages of employees, urge urban public transport enterprises to pay wages in full and on time, pay social insurance, and encourage local conditions to include urban public tram drivers in the shortage of occupations (types of work) directory and give corresponding post allowances。The second is to care for employees, including improving the production environment of employees, strengthening labor protection of employees, caring for the physical and mental health of employees, organizing and carrying out "the most beautiful bus drivers" and "the most beautiful subway people" election and publicity activities, and increasing help for employees with difficulties。

5. Strengthening organizational support for implementation。First, establish a performance evaluation system for urban public transport development, and promote the implementation of the main responsibility of urban people's governments to develop urban public transport。The second is to promote the implementation of policies, strengthen the coordination of departments, make it clear that the city with unpaid wages and insurance shall not participate in the creation of the national bus city declaration, and belong to the national bus city creation city and demonstration city, cancel the creation qualification or be awarded the title of "National bus city construction Demonstration City"。

3. Job requirements

Transportation, development and reform, public security, finance, human resources and social security, natural resources, trade unions and other departments at all levels,We need to further strengthen policy coherence and coordination,Timely and coordinated solutions to the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of urban public transport,Promote the implementation of supporting policies,We will promote the sound and sustainable development of urban public transport。

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